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What is LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery?

Oct 22, 2022 | Periodontics

Gum disease treatment is constantly evolving, and with technological advances, more options are available than ever. One of the newest and best treatment methods is known as LANAP, which is actually a laser that is used to quickly and efficiently treat gum disease.

In simple terms, LANAP (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure) is a laser protocol that treats mild, moderate and even advanced periodontal disease. It uses a specialized wavelength laser which effectively removes infected and diseased tissue from around and underneath the gum line. Once removed, the gum tissue is allowed to heal on its own and the progression of the disease is completely halted. Over the course of several years and with regular dental hygiene practices, patients can experience healthier gums and a brighter smile.

Many people are choosing this option because it doesn’t involve cutting, is virtually painless, and won’t lead to adverse effects like bleeding and swelling. With LANAP, periodontal patients can get back to life with virtually no interruption to daily routines.

If your periodontist recommends the use of an LANAP laser to treat your gum disease, you’ll want to know more about what you can expect.

What Happens During LANAP Treatment?

If your periodontist has determined that you are a good candidate for LANAP treatment, you’ll need to dedicate either one or two visits to the process. Right away, this is a much better option than traditional gum surgery, as that requires 2-4 sessions to complete.

Next, your dentist will use a laser with a fiber-optic tip that emits a light to remove harmful bacteria and damaged tissue from the pockets of the gums. When these harmful materials absorb laser energy, they will die.

Next, your dentist will use an ultrasonic scaler that is about the size of the laser, and they are inserted into the gum pocket. Sound waves are then used to break up hard tartar deposits from the tooth surface. Once these deposits have been removed, the laser is again inserted to remove any excess tissue at the bottom of the periodontal pocket. The final passing of the laser will sterilize the tissue and will help in sealing the pocket closed.

According to Dr. David Mugford, an Baltimore-area Periodontics and Dental Implants specialist, LANAP doesn’t mean that your problems with gum disease are over. “You’ll need to properly care for your teeth in the future in order to keep your gums healthy,” says Dr. Mugford. “Your periodontist can give you tips on how to better care for your mouth in order to prevent a future relapse.”

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