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Frenectomy & Fiberotomy

Image of patient's tongue extended supported by fibrous muscle.There are several connection points in our mouth to attach our tissues, assisting in the function in our mouth. When this connective tissue is abnormally long, or tight, this can impede your function or cause your teeth to shift out of alignment. A frenectomy or fiberotomy are two procedures that allow our team, at The Mugford Center to surgically correct this potential area of trouble. Our dentists, Dr. Mugford will evaluate your needs and help create a treatment plan that is right for you.

What is a Frenectomy?

Between your upper front teeth or under your tongue is a fibrous muscle known as the frenum, this muscle connects your upper lip to your upper jaw or your tongue to your lower jaw. For some patients, this muscle can interfere with your oral health, pushing your front teeth, and neighboring teeth, from their position, even after the patient has worn braces, or it can impede your speech or ability to use your tongue. We want to help your orthodontia work be more successful, and help the positioning and function of your bite.

A frenectomy is the removal of the frenum, which is the thin muscle tissue found connecting your upper lip to your upper jaw, or your tongue to your lower jaw. This is a simple procedure that patients who have had orthodontic work find necessary to help prevent their front teeth from forming a gap, moving out of their new position, and removing the progress that was achieved from wearing braces.

In a frenectomy, we snip the troublesome tissue, then stitch it up with dissolvable sutures. This is a mostly painless procedure, due to a local anesthetic, and recovery is easy, most patients only require an over the counter pain relief medication the first couple of days following.

It is normal for patients to have a frenum, but it is considered troublesome if the frenum is so long or tight that it pulls on the gum. This pull will create gaps, or cause recession to occur. If we see indications of pulling, it is best to have the frenum surgically released from the gum with a frenectomy.

What is a Fiberotomy?

A fiberotomy is the removal of gingival fibers that surround a tooth and its connection to the bone. This is done to remove the natural elastic fibers that will work to pull a tooth, or multiple teeth, back into the original position. A fiberotomy is usually performed close the end of a patient’s orthodontic treatment. A fiberotomy is a very simple, and painless, procedure, which requires no stitches. Patients often report no healing discomfort, though an over the counter pain relief medication may be taken as needed.

Protecting your orthodontic work with a frenectomy or fiberotomy is important to your long term bite and overall dental health. This simple procedure can save you money and time in a dental chair.

Our team at The Mugford Center can help. For more information on frenectomy and fiberotomy, contact our Crofton front office.

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