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Dental Implants vs. Dentures
Crofton, MD

Cross-section Dental implant diagram from The Mugford Center in Crofton, MD.Tooth loss is an extremely common problem, affecting nearly 120 million Americans. By the time we turn 50, most of us will have lost at least 12 of our permanent teeth, and 36 million of us will have zero of our teeth remaining in our mouths. However, just because you are suffering from tooth loss does not mean that you must deal with the shame, embarrassment, and discomfort of tooth loss. We here at The Mugford Center are happy to offer dental implants to our patients, giving them a permanent solution to their unwanted tooth loss.

Knowing the Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures

Tooth loss can be either sudden or gradual, whether it's from chronic tooth decay or gum disease or it arises from sudden trauma that causes several teeth to become dislodged from your mouth at once. Regardless of the reasons for your tooth loss, you deserve to have a happy and bright smile after losing teeth.

Many people are uncertain what may be the best option for them when they lose teeth. Major considerations include:
•  comfort
•  how long they have to wait
•  whether they are looking for a permanent or a temporary option
•  and of course, cost

When cost is a factor, many of these individuals often decide that they prefer dentures to replace their teeth. While they are often considerably less expensive than implants, they are not a perfect solution to tooth loss. Often, they require extra downtime while waiting to have them placed, as your gums may have to heal after extraction to have your dentures fitted.

Disadvantages of Dentures

Dentures can also be quite uncomfortable, leading to cuts and abrasions on your gums, cheeks, and soft tissue. If they are not properly fitted, they can slip. They require removal to be cleaned, which can lead to embarrassing situations. They can lead to bone loss, and as your gums shrink, they may need realignment or replacement. They are not permanent and need to be replaced every five to ten years due to wear and tear.

Are Dental Implants Really Worth it?

"After receiving a single tooth implant, Daniel is able to bite, chew and smile with confidence."
Daniel had the habit of carrying his dentures with him wherever he went. The lack of a tooth affected how he could chew foods, only taking small bites. Hot drinks were an impossibility for him, because they often caused painful blisters. After receiving a single tooth implant, Daniel is able to bite, chew and smile with confidence. He no longer has to remember to carry his dentures around with him, either.

Dental Implant Benefits

On the other hand, dental implants provide a permanent and comfortable solution to missing teeth. They support the bones, preventing bone loss and a sunken, "hollow" appearance. Dental implants also require downtime, depending on your wellness and health. They also require surgery - which can be somewhat intimidating for some people - since we do place them under your gums, directly into your jawbone.

However, if taken care of properly, implants can last you the rest of your life and have a 99 percent success rate. Dental implants improve biting and chewing in those who choose to have them placed and look and feel just like your own, natural teeth. In many ways, they are vastly superior to dentures, making them an excellent choice for most of our patients.

Have Questions about Dental Implants vs. Dentures?

Whether you get dentures or dental implants, you still need to take good care of your oral health. Gum disease can affect even those without teeth. To preserve your dental implants, you do need to continue to brush and floss them as you would real teeth. To learn more about dental implants, and to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, please give us here at The Mugford Center a call at (410) 260-0790 today!
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Dental Implants vs. Dentures • The Mugford Center - Crofton, MD
Many people are uncertain what the best option is for them when they lose teeth. Visit our website to compare dentures to dental implants.
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