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Biopsy / Oral Pathology

Dentist performing oral pathology cancer screening and exam.Part of every oral examination with Dr. Mugford is an oral cancer screening. We want to catch anything unusual or out of the ordinary sooner than later. Oral cancer can be a very serious medical condition if left untreated. Studies have shown that dentists catch more symptoms of oral cancer than anyone else. This is why we have made it part of our routine exam at The Mugford Center.

During your screening, we will thoroughly evaluate the anatomy of the patient’s mouth, examining the soft tissues such as the lips, the tongue, inner and outer cheeks, gums and the uvula. If we spot something during this exam that appears abnormal, we may examine it further with x-rays and request a biopsy to gain more information.

During my oral cancer screening, what would be unusual?

Dr. Mugford will look for a variety of potential hazards or abnormalities, this includes:

•  Open Mouth Sores:A common indication of a problem is a sore that does not seem to heal. We may ask how long you have had the sore, or if it has had a problem healing, continuously reopening. Sores that do not seem to heal can be an indication of a bigger problem, or can be due to another medical disorder including diabetes or because the patient smokes tobacco.
•  Spots that are white or red:There can be many reasons that a patient has spots, most of these reasons are nothing to worry about. There are also spots that can be a signal to a larger problem. White and red spots can potentially be an indication of oral cancer growth. We will want to be aware and evaluate their progress.
•  Hard Lumps:We will take note of any unexplained hard lumps either inside or outside your mouth. Lumps tend to be an indication of infection, though they could be an indication of a larger issue. We may ask to examine your lump with a dental x-ray or ask to take a sample for biopsy. We will review your information during your evaluation and discuss what steps should be taken.
•  Roughened Texture of your soft tissues:A signal to a possible problem may be patches of skin that feel rough to the touch. We will want to review your medical history and possible psoriasis before discussing a biopsy.

Oral cancer can be a potentially large problem, and it is best caught early. Dr. Mugford will want to gather all necessary information when examining a potential problem to help make a complete diagnosis. Part of gathering information will include knowing and understanding your medical history, any medications you are taking, reviewing x-rays, pathology reports, blood tests, and a biopsy report.

This complete medical workup will help us decide the next course of action and in creating a treatment plan that is right for you if any at all.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a simple procedure, done in our office. We want to take a sample of the area that seems questionable. This will mean the removal of a sample of tissue. Removing a tissue sample is a quick and mostly painless process.

Using a local anesthetic, we will remove a piece of, or possibly even all of, the specified area and then send the tissue to a pathology lab for examination. Some patients may require a few sutures be placed following the removal of tissue. Once the numbness from the anesthetic wears off, the area may be sore for a few days. For most patients, over-the-counter pain relief medication is all that is necessary, for a small percentage of patients, we may find it necessary to prescribe pain relief medication. This will be done under the direction of Dr. Mugford.

After 1-2 weeks, we should have received the results of your biopsy from the pathology lab, and contact you regarding the results of the tests. If a problem has been discovered, we will make arrangements for follow-up care and create a treatment plan.

Dr. Mugford is happy to offer more information if needed.

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