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What Signs Does a Periodontist Look for with Early Stage Oral Cancer?

Posted on 5/23/2018 by David Mugford
Oral Cancer The Mugford Center MD 21114-2033Periodontists look for a number of signs when it comes to the early stages of oral cancer. When you need to make sure that your mouth is protected, then you should look into the signs you should be watching for, as well. Some patients are more likely to develop this type of cancer over others.

If you find that you're one of those that are more likely, it is important that you work closely with the periodontist to screen for the problem to catch it sooner, rather than later.

Signs of Early Stage Oral Cancer

There are many signs to look for, but when it comes to the early stages, there are plenty of things that can be noted. Usually, a patient will come into the office after being referred from a dentist due to having serious pain and uncomfortableness in the mouth. This causes them to call for help from a dental professional.

However, other symptoms besides pain and swelling in the mouth are also noticed. White or bright red spots in the mouth can also be noted. This is something that is generally noted first. Bumps, lumps and other areas in the mouth that were not once there are often noted, as well. This is an early stage and when the lumps are left alone, they can grow over time and even cause the patient more pain.

Having trouble talking or chewing, or even just moving your jaw can all be signs of oral cancer. It is important to think about the condition of your teeth, as well. If there are loose teeth in the mouth for no reason, this can also be another sign of oral cancer.

It is important to have the necessary screening and tests done to check for oral cancer and other issues. Speak with us here today to find out more regarding the tests you should have done.
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